10 Greatest Retail Store Designs in HK

  • 係香港呢個寸金尺土既地方,要突圍的確唔容易。

    但係室內設計可以提升我地既Shopping Experience
    1. I.T, Hysan, CWB, Hong Kong
    I-T-HYSAN-ONE-Hong-Kong-03 I-T-HYSAN-ONE-Hong-Kong-05 I-T-HYSAN-ONE-Hong-Kong-09 I-T-HYSAN-ONE-Hong-Kong-17 I-T-HYSAN-ONE-Hong-Kong-19 I-T-HYSAN-ONE-Hong-Kong-15 I-T-HYSAN-ONE-Hong-Kong-25 I-T-HYSAN-ONE-Hong-Kong-23
    2. 誠品書店, Hysan, CWB, Hong Kong
    Eslite-book-store-at-Hysan-Place-Hong-Kong 2012082371575905 Eslite-book-store-at-Hysan-Place-Hong-Kong-04
    3. Nike, CWB, Hong Kong
    AF1 feature wall_02@entrance Flying AF1_01@island display AF1 wall_01@entrance Flying AF1_03@island display
    4. Hollister, Festival Walk, Hong Kong
    ti Hollister Wijnegem shopping center in Antwerp Belgium - photo by Mark Verheyen for The Sitch on Fitch - image 4
    5. Uniqlo
    6. HITGallery, Time Square, Hong Kong
    HITGallery-stores-by-Fabio-Novembre-Hong-Kong-02 HITGallery-stores-by-Fabio-Novembre-Hong-Kong-03 HITGallery-stores-by-Fabio-Novembre-Hong-Kong-05 HITGallery-stores-by-Fabio-Novembre-Hong-Kong-08 HITGallery-stores-by-Fabio-Novembre-Hong-Kong-07 HITGallery-stores-by-Fabio-Novembre-Hong-Kong
    7. Apple Store, IFC, Hong Kong
    images (2) images (1) apple_Store_staircase images (3)
    8. Inital
    Initial-lifestyle-concept-store_butterboom_2 images (4) Initial_Central
    10. 舊式米鋪
    images (5) images (6) images (7)
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