Aesop Fillmore Street by NADAAA

Architects: NADAAA
Location: San Francisco, USA
Principal In Charge: Dan Gallagher
Design Principals: Nader Tehrani, Katherine Faulkner
Project Manager: John Chow
Team: Jonathan Palazzolo, Parke MacDowell
Project Year: 2012
Photography: Juliana Sohn

Aesop既主打Skin-care and health products。成間鋪都由軟木組成,俾人感覺好Natural,當中不規則而錯綜複雜的關係,令人又愛又恨。

094555sk1fkskj03f71kcz.png.thumb 094552gpqqnuq49n4fdgdr.png.thumb 094600u966uutqft8yweqw.png.thumb 094603bo0b5t08tgj55obl.png.thumb 094547v3x63k4vvx6v8vo8.png.thumb 094607fu3cb1a66bkx9rma.png.thumb




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